Post Operative Care

Post Operative Care

Designed and developed throughout 10 years KoMu’s Post-Operative Suit comfortably fits cats and dogs ensuring safety and hygiene of the pet’s wounds and stitches.

Popularly used in spay and neutered pet recovery. Easily washable can be used multiply for the first aid purposes, hot spots, skin conditions and a lot more…

Sizes and breeds

CAT AND DOG (Size of the suit is measured from the animal’s shoulder joint to the hip joint).

3XS16cmPuppy / Small Kitten
XXS19cmSmall kitten / Young cat / Chihuahua / Toy Teriere
XS22cmAdult Cat / Mops / Pekinese / French Bulldog
X2S24cmMaine Coon / British Shorthair / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
X3S30cmDachshund / Maine Coon
X4S34cmDachshund / Maine Coon / Spaniel
S36cmSpaniel / Samojed / Poodle / Beagle
M43cmLabrador / Schnauzer / Boxer / Collie
L50cmRottweiler / Golden Retriever / Dobermann
XL56cmSaint Berhnard / Newfoundlander / German Dog
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