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Post Operative Care

Designed and developed throughout 10 years KoMu’s Post-Operative Suit comfortably fits cats and dogs ensuring safety and hygiene of the pet’s wounds and stitches.

Popularly used in spay and neutered pet recovery. Easily washable can be used multiply for the first aid purposes, hot spots, skin conditions and a lot more.

Orthopedic protectors

Used for animals after joint surgery to stabilize and reducethe damage. Suites for joint stabilization in chronic diseases.

Reduces pain, restores and maintains muscle tone. Warms and fixes the articular ligaments.

Rear Harness for Pets

Rear Harness

Pets with the weak hind ends require additional devices for comfortable mobility – for those special needs we recommend to use rear harness.

KoMu Rear Harness is easy to wash and its special fabric prevents pet’s skin from rubbing. Just slip a harness over your dog’s back legs, secure the velcro and snaps, grab the straps, and go.

Rain & Mud Pants

Rainy and winter seasons bring additional discomfort for dogs and their owners – daily showering after a morning or evening muddy walk require a good shower for both.

To keep dog’s skin naturally hydrated and protected with its own oily components – KoMu offers original Rain&Mud Pants. Don’t let weather limit your outdoor activities!


Ear protectors

Protects ears from cold damage in winter or from the sun in summer.

Prevents pet to get the head injured by its paws or right after the ears surgery.

Helps to fix the auricles immobile i.e. in case of ear hematomas.

Ear protectors
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